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Onam festival in Tasmania

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Welcome to the heart of Kerala's cultural legacy in Tasmania. Here, we take pride in preserving and promoting the rich heritage of Kerala within the multicultural tapestry of Tasmania. Our journey has been one of passion, community, and dedication.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Kerala's culture right here in Tasmania. We are a passionate community dedicated to preserving and celebrating the rich traditions of Kerala. Our mission is to bridge the gap between our heritage and our current home, fostering cultural exchanges and building a sense of belonging in a diverse society.

We are MAT – a community of tradition, culture, and unity.

MAT's History

MAT was established in 2021; Its roots run deep within the Malayalee community of Tasmania. What began as informal gatherings of like-minded individuals who cherished Kerala's traditions and values soon transformed into an official association. Over the years, MAT has grown and evolved into a cultural haven for all who share a love for Malayalee's vibrant culture.

Business Achievements

Several significant achievements have marked MAT's journey

Successful organization of the annual Onam Festival, celebrating Kerala's most cherished festival with traditional flair.

Establishing a Malayalam Language and Culture School, nurturing linguistic and cultural ties.

Numerous charitable initiatives provide support during emergencies and disasters.

A growing and diverse membership base fosters a strong sense of community.

At MAT, our mission is clear

At MAT, our goals and missions are the compass guiding our actions and initiatives

Preserve Malayalee Heritage

We are dedicated to preserving Kerala's rich heritage and cultural traditions, ensuring they endure through generations.

Promote Cultural Wealth

Our mission is to introduce the cultural wealth of Kerala to the broader Australian society, fostering an appreciation for its art forms, spices, and traditions.

Integrate and Inclusivity

MAT operates as a charity, promoting the well-being of all inhabitants of Tasmania without distinction of sexual orientation, age, disability, race, or political and religious beliefs. We strive to integrate our community within the broader Australian society while retaining our unique cultural identity.


Meet the vibrant and dedicated members who make up MAT:

hobart malayali association

Ruby joshy

President and public officer

hobart malayali association

julie John


hobart malayali association

Dr. hema chandram

treasurer & student coordinator

hobart malayali association

shaleen shajit

board member & social media coordinator

hobart malayali association

abhijit raj pillai

board member & cultural program coordinator

hobart malayali association

jijin joseph

board member & food coordinator

hobart malayali association

amiya shivadas

board member & decoration coordinator

hobart malayali association

joshy joseph

board member

hobart malayali association

anup a

board member

hobart malayali association

shinu thomas

board member

hobart malayali association

sojan vohannan

board member

hobart malayali association

shaju menoth

board member

hobart malayali association

solomon sebastian

board member

And many more passionate individuals are with us who contribute their skills and talents to our cultural journey.

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